You purchased a new outfit earlier in the week that you are itching to try out! Then Friday rolls around, you feel like a puffer fish and the new clothes aren’t fitting half as well as they did in the store. Your stomach protrudes like a balloon and you are left feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious.  Sound familiar?

The Period Bloat is a frustrating symptom that many females experience before, and often during, a period. Bloating is commonly caused by excessive water retention, excessive gas or constipation. Although it seems part and parcel with the shedding of your uterine lining, there are some simple steps that you can take to make ‘the dreaded bloat’ less of an issue during the parting of the red sea.

Potassi-YUM – this little miracle mineral helps your body regulate fluids. High potassium foods include; bananas, squash, yogurt, avocados, mushrooms, mangoes, spinach and asparagus.

Mrs Potato Head– Starch-y foods like bread, pasta, rice, grains and baked sweets can cause your body to retain unnecessary water, not to mention weigh you down with their density. Avoid these foods before bed to prevent blowing out overnight.

Bubble Trouble – the fizz might be refreshing but carbonated drinks will turn your belly a bubbly, gassy pit of pain. Fizzy drinks are not only bad for your bloat; they also contain obscene amounts of sugar. Seriously, stick to water, your entire body will thank you for it.

Dairy Diary  – If you know that you are affected by bloating during your period then BE PREPARED. Calcium and magnesium (found in dairy products) are both effective in the treatment of PMS symptoms. Try to monitor your intake of both (1200 mg of calcium and 300 mg of magnesium per day). Keep a diary, stay one-step ahead of down below and beat the bloat.

Pass the Parsley – Buy (or grow) some parsley and add it to your meals. Not only is it freakin’ delicious – it is also a natural diuretic – and will effectively remove any excess liquids from your bod.

Shake things up – You can combat constipation (a major cause of bloating) through exercise. Get physical for twenty minutes per day to keep food actively passing through your digestive tract.