Escabags Donation

Escabags Donation

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Escabags Ltd is an Australian registered charity who distribute ‘Escape Bags’ for victims fleeing domestic and family abuse.

Each ‘Escape Bag’ contains high-quality products. Their ‘Escape Bags’ are not gender-specific and, by providing two variations, ‘Parent and Child’ and ‘Single Adult’, they proudly cater to ALL victims of abuse.

Your donation to Escabags includes the following: 

2 x Cottons Regular Tampons

2 x Cottons Organic Longliners

2 x Cottons Organic Ultra Thin Regular Pad

2 x Cottons Organic Ultra Thin Super Pad

2 x Cottons Organic Overnight Pads

1 x 5 Pack of Disposable Face Masks 

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