Helping keep us all safe - Covid safe

Like all caring businesses operating at a time like this, we are very mindfulof our responsibilities to our customers.
At we have procedures in place to ensure we are behaving in a way that reduces the chance of any virus spread. For example:

1 We minimise recent human contact with the goods we assemble and send out
(in most cases your orders will not be with you until at least 2-3 days after being picked, so recent physical contact with the packs you purchased is minimised)

2 Our premises are operating in line with Safe Work Australia guidelines and we have social distancing and sanitising protocols in place - as well as the relevant staff training

3 Our business is operating on a skeleton staff basis, again to mimimise any chances of human interaction in the workplace

4 ALL the pads, liners and tampons packed in our packs are themselves hygienically wrapped in their own individual wrapping and that all takes place in machines with no human it is absolutely hygienic

We hope this reassures you, but feel free to contact us if you have questions