Cottons Starter Kit

Cottons Starter Kit

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Introducing "This Is Cottons", a neat little box that contains a variety of Cottons 100% natural cotton feminine hygiene products. So if you want to work out what is best for you, this pack has it all! We have also included a really handy booklet that has loads of helpful information about periods and what to expect, and explains more about what makes Cottons so special. This Is Cottons is perfect for any girl who is new to periods, as well as parents and teachers who are educating young girls on their menstrual cycle and puberty. Its also great for anyone trying our products for the first time.

Contents Include:

  • Pantyliners X 3
  • Ultra-Thin Pads w/wings Regular X 2
  • Ultra Thin Pads w/wings Super X 2
  • Overnight Pads w/wings X 2
  • Mini Tampons X 2
  • Regular Tampons X 2
  • A Guide to your period booklet

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