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You purchased a new outfit earlier in the week that you are itching to try out! Then Friday rolls around, you feel like a puffer fish and the new clothes aren’t fitting half as well as they did in the store. Your stomach protrudes like a balloon and you are left feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious.  Sound familiar? The Period Bloat is a frustrating symptom that many females experience before, and often during, a period. Bloating is commonly caused by excessive water retention, excessive gas or constipation. Although it seems part and parcel with the shedding of your uterine lining, there are some simple steps that you can take to make ‘the dreaded bloat’ less of an issue during the parting...

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For some, periods are like clockwork – consistent, regular, on time, predictable. For others, periods are more closely comparable to the public transport system- forever running behind (or ahead of) schedule, always painful, decidedly unpredictable and highly frustrating. For those in the former category, lucky you. For those who fall into the latter… our deepest condolences, you have an irregular period. Despite what you might think, an irregular period does not usually mean cause for alarm. In fact, irregularity is generally a by-product of hormonal fluctuation or lifestyle choices, both of which are impermanent and therefore, temporary. Although it feels like you have drawn the (bloody) short straw, there is often a completely plausible reason behind your menstrual irregularity. Don’t...

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